Air Freights

air freightWe offers airfreight services to and from all the major cities in the world. With our import and export services and the agents’ network, we are able to provide speedy and efficient service which will reduce not only the freight costs but also the transportation time.


Sea Freights

see freightWe provide worldwide Sea Freight forwarding services to and from all the major ports in the world by moving the cargo as both LCL (Less than container load) & FCL (Full container load).

We utilize the services of all conference and non-conference shipping lines throughout the world while ensuring the best rate and service for all the outbound / inbound shipments.



consolidaaationWe offer Sea freight consolidation/group-age services. Our overseas agents forward the group-age boxes to us in Dubai for consignees based in U.A.E and other upper gulf countries.

Since we have the Warehousing and Logistics facilities in JEBEL ALI FREE ZONE, after completion of Import customs formalities we deliver the shipments to the local consignees or re-forward the shipments to other upper gulf countries by Sea Freight or by Road Transportation. We follow all the important shipping instructions carefully and take care of cargo by warehousing it until the shipment is physically effected.



tran shipmentsWe provide worldwide Trans-shipment (sea/air & air / air) services. Shipments are routed via Dubai which is considered as one of the major trans-shipment hub in the Middle East. We have all the facilities and are well equipped to handle the SEA/AIR & AIR/AIR TRANSHIPMENT CARGO that is being forwarded to us by our agents in Far East and Sub-continents to its final destinations in Europe, USA, and Middle East & Africa.



Road Freight

road freightWe provide an excellent land transportation services within U.A.E and to all other Middle East Countries.

We also provide sea/land trans-shipment services, wherein cargo is forwarded to Dubai by sea and re-forwarded by road to any destination in the Middle East Countries at very competitive rates.


Perishable Cargo

perishableWe provide cargo services for perishable and dangerous goods, Items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and flowers go under perishable cargo. Management of transit time and temperatures are crucial for perishable cargo. We ensure that perishables arrive / depart on time and in good condition.

We make sure that perishable cargoes being sent through direct route, with fewest transit stops and minimum transit time. This helps in eliminating unnecessary climatic changes. When a transfer from one flight to another is unavoidable, connecting times are carefully considered as some shipments may require re-icing or temporary storage in a temperature-controlled area such as a cool-room or a freezer.


DGR Cargo (Dangerous goods)

Dangerous goods such as articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment etc. are dangerous to be carried on any aircraft under any circumstances; others are forbidden under normal circumstances but may be carried with specific approvals from the States concerned. Some are restricted to carriage on all cargo aircraft; however, can be safely carried on passenger aircraft as well, provided certain requirements are met.

We have trained people to handle dangerous goods who ensure smooth transportation of dangerous goods under state regulations.




Customs Clearance

customsApart from moving goods within the UAE, Customs Clearance remains a necessity for imports and exports.

We offer trustworthy customs clearance services to our customers in U.A.E which nominate us to handle their import shipments by AIR and SEA originating from various countries in the world. We are able to provide very competitive rates and cost-effective services.





We provide packing solutions for corporate clients with projects within the UAE. We handle packing & lashing of commercial goods like machinery, bore valves & pipe fittings, pumps & assemblies, etc. We can design and build crates as well as fabricate wooden boxes depending on the dimensions of the cargo or specifically adhering to the project requirements.

We undertake all kinds of crating & boxing requirements as our team of well trained and highly skilled carpenters carefully fabricate the wooden crates & boxes. Our team uses standard PPE and adhere to HSE safety policies. We arrange heat treatment with ISPM certificates for the wooden boxes based on the client's requirements or depending on the destination where the boxes would be shipped to.




We also provide packing & removal services for clients who are relocating their residences or offices within UAE. Depending on the type and volume of cargo, the same is packed in carton boxes or wooden boxes and secured with necessary packing materials like bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing paper, etc. Specially designed wardrobe boxes are also used for moving of the client’s valuable clothes.



We have a 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Dubai to cater to our client’s storage requirements. We provide household storage, office storage as well as commercial storage solutions. If the requirement for storage is for home or business, we provide cost-effective solutions. For large volume cargo and longer duration storage requirements, we offer special rates.

We also provide transportation services for our clients wherein our transportation team can arrange door delivery of our client’s valuable cargo anywhere within UAE.